Starting the housing search early is always a good idea, as it will ensure you have the time to find a place that fits your criteria, enable buffer time should any issues arise, and provide peace of mind that you have housing when you arrive for your Northeastern global experience.

Take note if there is an actual date that you’re required to secure housing by.  For example, some countries require proof of housing documentation for visa appointments.  If you’re not able to provide proof of housing, you may be at risk of your visa not getting approved.  Check with your co-op coordinator or your GEO advisor about what is required for the visa appointment, and if proof of housing is one of these requirements.

Additionally, if proof of housing is required, ensure you know what this proof entails.  Depending on the country, you may be required to present a rental agreement, hotel reservation, or invitation letter in the case of a private accommodation that includes the inviting person’s name, full address and passport copy.  It is your responsibility to obtain this proof of housing by the required date if your visa process requires it.