Prior to going abroad, you’ll want to make sure that your housing here in the United States is dealt with in the necessary capacity.  If you’ve already committed to on-campus housing or signed a lease for off-campus housing, determine what you options are. This may be cancelling y our on-campus housing or finding a sublet for your off-campus apartment so you are not paying two rents. Additionally, have a plan for how you will secure housing in the United States upon your return.

Cancelling Your University Housing

If you’ve secured a co-op that is further than 20 miles outside of the Boston area, plan to study abroad, or partake in some other international experience but you’ve already committed to on-campus housing, you can cancel your housing, regardless of the cancellation schedule.  To submit your request, e-mail [email protected].  In this email, include your name, NUID number, the semester you are requesting to cancel, and a detailed reason for the request.  Documented verification from your co-op or academic advisor is required and should be forwarded via email. Once received, University Housing can cancel your housing assignment without penalty.

Subletting Your Off Campus Apartment

Off Campus Housing may be a bit more complicated if you’ve signed a year-long lease with term dates that overlap with your international work or study experience.  For example, perhaps you signed a year-long lease beginning September 1, but plan to leave for abroad come January.  Since you’ve signed a legally binding contract for the term dates indicated on the lease, you are still responsible for making monthly rent payments during this time.  Read your lease and determine if subletting your room is an option. Subletting your apartment usually requires written permission from the landlord, and may involve extra subletting fees depending on what your lease indicates.  Visit our webpage on subletting to ensure you know the best practices for subletting your off-campus apartment.

Finding Housing Upon Your Return

Finding housing upon your return may be difficult to navigate while you’re in another country, but this is an important consideration to think about even before you leave for your global experience.  Will you have access to the Off Campus Apartment Database while you’re abroad?  Can you designate a roommate or parent to find off-campus housing arrangements on your behalf while you’re abroad? Is subletting the best option upon your return?  If you’re returning to the United States at the end of the semester or end of a usual 6-month co-op term, it is unlikely that there will be year-long leases available (most year-long leases in Boston begin in September).  Have a plan before you leave for how you will find housing when you return to the United States.