Housing and Relocation by City

Click to find a list of city-specific housing and relocation resources curated by OCHSS and students that have co-oped in these cities previously.


Using Third Parties to Find Housing

More information on using third parties for your housing search. Third parties represent any organization, free or paid, that aids you in the search for housing.


Northeastern Community Connections

OCHSS can help connect you with students, parents, or alumni associated with the area that you’re traveling to.  Huskies who have studied or worked in the area previously, as well as Husky parents and/or alumni who live in the area, may have knowledge of housing accommodations and recommendations for you as you begin your search.  Ultimately, having a familiar connection is oftentimes the most valuable resource, and OCHSS can help facilitate that.

The Domestic Co-op Map

OCHSS also offers an optional tool for students to learn the contact information of fellow Huskies traveling to the destination they’re headed to.  The Domestic Co-op Map, seen below, is a voluntary opt-in service for co-op students beyond Boston to connect with other students.  This map is only shared with students who have 1) accepted a co-op beyond Boston and 2) have opted in to the service. The map looks like this:

If you’ve already accepted a co-op beyond Boston, feel free to reach out to Off Campus Housing and Support Services to opt-in to this service! You will need to provide proof of your co-op offer acceptance.

SAIL: Self-Authored Integrated Learning

SAIL starts with a simple idea: learning happens everywhere. Students are able to track learning and measure their progress in many facets of their Northeastern experience, such as co-op, clubs, events, and programs that they participate in.

SAIL has a feature that allows students to find and connect with others that have partaken in their co-op.  Whether you’re currently on co-op or just came back, now is a great time to help your NU peers who are looking for co-ops so they can benefit by connecting with you. By making your co-op public in SAIL, students can search the network by company and connect with you to learn about your time there.  When others make their co-ops public, you’ll be able search the network the next time you’re looking for a co-op or a job.

How do you make you co-op public?
It takes 2 minutes. Just log into SAIL on mobile or web, go to your timeline, select your co-op, and make it public. If you’re not sure how to do it, check out this video.

Making your co-op public in SAIL will allow you and your peers to:
• Network with you around co-ops (and housing!)
• Learn from moments tied to your experiences
• See how your co-op maps to the SAIL skills and dimensions

Northeastern Beyond Boston Co-op Yammer Community

If you’re headed beyond Boston for co-op, join our Yammer Community to meet other students relocating beyond Boston for co-op or other academic programs.  The group has helped students find roommates, connections, subleases, and other housing opportunities.