Consider how long you will be in the country for—is it a short stay, the semester, a year, and is there a possibility for your time in that country to be extended?  In Boston, the typical term of a lease is one year.  This may be different in your global experience location. If you do not plan to be in a country for a full year, a short-term lease may make sense.

If you plan to be in the country for the duration of a typical semester, university or student-specific housing may be a good option.  If your time in the country is longer than a typical semester, you may consider looking into other organizations that offer short-term accommodations that are not necessarily student-oriented.  Another option may be splitting up your accommodations for the duration of your stay, such as temporary accommodations (hotel or hostel) for a portion of the time, and student-housing for the remainder of the time. See the below table outlining accommodation suggestions depending on the duration of your time in the country. To learn more about each of these accommodation types, visit our Types of International Housing section.