Printable Checklist

Reach out to other Connectors (if applicable) and fellow co-ops to begin generating ideas

Be sure to fill out online “Event Proposal Form” TWO weeks prior to any proposed event date

Once Co-op Connections has received the event request, we will contact you

Once your event has been approved, you will be notified.  At this point you will send out an Event Invitation to all co-ops in your area

Event Invitation should include: date, time, location, total cost to student, R.S.V.P date, and if there are a limited number of tickets available

Once the R.S.V.P date has passed, notify Co-op Connections of the TOTAL number of students that are definitely going to attend

If necessary, Co-op Connections will purchase tickets (if a show, museum, etc.) and put remaining balance as “tickets” on MyNEU.  At this point you will instruct students to purchase their ticket

Send out confirmation/reminder email to all registered students 1-2 days before the event

Contact Co-op Connections the day prior to the event to solidify details, method of payment, etc


  • Arrive at location at least 15 minutes prior to start of event
  • Bring a list of students that have registered and “check students in”
  • Keep ALL receipts for any purchase that you will be reimbursed
  • Please note: Co-op Connections DOES NOT reimburse for alcohol. All receipts must be alcohol-free
  • Take pictures and have fun!

Fill out “Event Follow-Up Form” and “Co-op Connector Reimbursement From” (if applicable)

Contact Tory at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns